SUN Area Technical Institute has created this Frequently Asked Questions (or FAQ) page to help answer student’s and parent’s most popular questions about grading at SUN Tech. We’ve also provided a Grade Conversion Calculator that can quickly tell you your SUN Tech grade’s home school equivalent. If this page doesn’t answer your question please contact us. We’re happy to help.

Grading FAQ

Q. Why is my student's grade at SUN Tech different from the grade from their home school?

A. SUN Tech educates students from 5 separate districts. Some of the home schools, as we call them, calculate grades differently than we do. In order to keep letter grades (and a student's pass/fail status) consistent, a student's grade at SUN Tech must be converted to an equivalent grade at their home school.

Q. How can I convert my student's grade from SUN Tech to its home school equivalent?

A: We have provided a tool below that you can use to convert your student's SUN Tech grade to its home school equivalent. Simply enter their SUN Tech grade, select their home school, and click submit.

Grading Calculator