One of the many differences between your home school and attending SUN Area Technical Institute is that SUN Tech is a choice. So before you decide whether technical education is the right choice for you get the facts! Here are the Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Attend SUN Tech.

5. We Have a History of Success

A driven individual combined with a SUN Tech education is a proven recipe for success, and our reputation in the Snyder, Union, and Northumberland county areas tells us that employers like what we’re cooking. SUN Tech graduates are coveted by local businesses, but they also go on to become successful business owners too!

4. You Can Earn Valuable Industry Certifications.

The Harvard Graduate School of Education released a report which claims that industry certifications are just as valuable as a college degree–if not more so–in the pursuit of employment in a many fields.  At SUN Tech we don’t just kick you out of the nest and hope you can fly into employment or higher education:  you have the potential to leave certified or ready to test for certification. We offer certification in NIMS, ASE, C-Tech, and Network+ just to name a few.

3. You Can Earn Experience Through Cooperative Education

Employers want to hire candidates with experience, but in order to gain experience somebody needs to hire you first. Talk about a vicious cycle! SUN Tech has the reputation and connections to get students hired through our co-op program while they’re still in high school. You’ll gain valuable on-the-job experience, you’ll have a blast doing it, and some co-op students are even offered full-time employment after graduation!

2. You'll Give Back to Your Community

SUN Tech is actively involved in community outreach and community service efforts. We hold annual blood drives for the Red Cross, we raise money for the American Cancer Society, and we collect food, clothing, and toys for local charities.  You’ll also get to give back to your community in ways unimagined at your high school: you might repair a damaged police cruiser, build a baseball dugout for a local school, or design a poster to discourage bullying.  Not only will you be making the world a better place, but you’ll gain experience using the skills you learn during your year at SUN Tech, and you might even have some fun!

1. You Can Earn College Credits and Advanced Placement

Do you remember that person who told you “vo tech is only for kids who aren’t going to college?” Let’s dispel that rumor right now:  we’re not your grandpa’s “vo tech” anymore!

SUN Area Technical Institute has worked tirelessly with local colleges and universities to add value to your technical education.  Through dual enrollment programs with institutions like Penn College of Technology and Bloomsburg University, you can earn up to 15 college credits during your senior year of high school which translates to thousands of dollars in savings on tuition! As college costs continues to rise and the current economic climate threatens to double the interest rates of federal student loans, reducing your college costs will become more important than ever.

Ready to get started?

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