A driven individual combined with a SUN Tech education is a proven recipe for success, and our reputation in the Snyder, Union, and Northumberland county areas tells us that employers like what we’re cooking.  SUN Tech graduates are coveted by local businesses, but they also go on to become successful business owners too.

Andrea Martin, Cosmetology 1998

Attending SUN Tech my senior year was the foundation for starting my career and building up to owning my own salon. I received all the right instruction and confidence I needed from my instructor Mrs. Gutshall and all the great staff.

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Benjamin Dietrich, Carpentry 2017

At a young age I learned that I liked working and building things with my hands. I looked into SUN Tech and saw that they had a great Carpentry Program. Attending SUN Tech helped me learn the necessary skills I needed to become successful in my career. SUN Area Technical…

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Erin Beaver, Welding 2016

My time at SUN tech really set me on a direct path to where I am today. Not only did I receive hands on training in my career field, I had the opportunity to better my skills through competitions and real-life situations. I was also able to achieve a head…

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