A driven individual combined with a SUN Tech education is a proven recipe for success, and our reputation in the Snyder, Union, and Northumberland county areas tells us that employers like what we’re cooking.  SUN Tech graduates are coveted by local businesses, but they also go on to become successful business owners too.

Wendy Rowe, Dental Health Technology 1998

I knew going into the dental program, I wanted to do something to better people’s lives and the dental program did just that. Going to SUN gave me the knowledge and experience to be where I am today. I love my job and they lives we change.

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Derek Klingman, Information Technology 1999

Taking Information Technology at SUN Tech helped prepare me for tackling networking and hardware issue with hands-on training. While my primary job is programming, the knowledge I gained from SUN Tech helps me better understand how to write optimal programs for the ever-changing network and hardware specs.

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Taylor Gingrich, Dental Health Technology 2009

The hands-on, clinical training that I received from Sun Tech prepared me for a career as an orthodontic assistant.

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