Electronics Technology

The Electronics Technology course at SUN Tech teaches you the basic laws of electricity and applications of electronic circuitry through study and laboratory experimentation. You will learn the fundamentals of analog and digital electronics as well as proper use of test equipment for both technologies.  Throughout the analog section of study you will learn basic nano-fabrication processes that are used to manufacture integrated circuits (computer chips), as well as testing techniques for the technology.

  • Repair and “mod” your game systems and controllers!
  • Repair your iPods, iPhones, tablets, and other electronic equipment.
  • Learn to use electronic test equipment – meters, oscilloscopes, logic probes, power supplies, simulators
  • Create your own circuit designs – amplifiers, digital clocks, car alarms, your own individual designs!
  • Work on campus with Penn College instructors – robotics labs – fiber optic labs
  • Be challenged at school!  Go to the next level!  Take a chance on a futuristic industry….. electronics!
  • Do different things every day.  Build desktop computers, network computers, setup home theater systems, build robots, build laptops, build your own test equipment.
  • Complete your first semester of college during your senior year.  Start college in your second semester.
  • Learn wind, solar and fuel cell basics.

Post-Secondary Opportunities

Students enrolled in the Electronics Technology program will have the opportunity to earn the following college credits while enrolled at SUN Tech through the Penn College PCNow program:

EET114 Digital Circuit Applications 1 Credit
EET115 Introduction to Digital Electronics 3 Credits
EET116 Electronic Circuits and Devices I 5 Credits
EET124 Engineering, Technology, and Society 3 Credits


  • OSHA General 10 Hr.


Major Career Opportunities for graduates of Electronics Technology Include:

  • Fiber Optic Technician
  • PC Maintenance Technician
  • Car Audio Systems Technician
  • Medical Equipment Engineer/Technician
  • Drone Plane Engineer/Technician
  • Fiber Optic Engineer/Technician
  • Robotics Technician
  • Nanofabrication Technician
  • Telecommunications Technician

Employment Outlook

The employment outlook for Electronic Technicians is booming. Electronics is involved in virtually every area of our lives. Technicians are needed to service, design, and utilize this technology boom. Areas such as Fiber Optics, Computer Maintenance, Robotics, Lasers, and Communications are having shortages of trained technicians. Starting Salaries range form $28,000 to $50,000+ a year for these positions. The demand for engineering and technician positions is predicted to increase 11% from 2012 to 2018.

Program of Study

Electronics Technology is a SOAR approved program of study. This means that successful completion of this program earns you college credits that can be transferred to participating state colleges and universities.

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Program Uniform

This program requires students to come to school in a program-approved uniform. Please print the form provided and submit to purchase approved program attire.

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