Welcome to the Masonry program here at SUN Area Technical Institute. Our names are Joseph “Big Guy” Dozpat from Mifflinburg, and Zachary “Curly” from Midd-West.

We chose to attend SUN Tech to take advantage of a good job opportunity in a field that is growing and because we enjoy working with our hands. Masons are in high demand for both commercial and residential jobs. Some of the masons in this class have teamed up to work on a big project here in the shop to showcase the various skills we have learned this year so far. The project consists of a block wall with a height of about eight feet. Also, there is brick casing the wall with three brick arches and a full circle made of brick.

We frequently go out on job sites as part of our learning experience. For instance, one of our job sites is for the New Berlin Recreational Center. We are building a garage made of split-faced block.  In addition, we have the opportunity visit various businesses in the construction industry such as Central Builders Supply and Watsontown Brick. At these sites we got a first-hand look at the manufacturing process and keep informed on the latest products and techniques. These are great educational experiences.

Our instructor, Gary Gregory, also known as “Mr. G”, is a very well experienced mason and at one time owned his own business. He knows a lot about the business and is a very good teacher.

Our future plans are to further explore the masonry industry as well as secure good jobs for a big time company or even establish our own masonry business. Also, we would like to get into pouring concrete and doing more with that.

Thanks to SUN Tech and Mr. G our hands-on training will enable us to obtain a job in the masonry field